Service / Access Roads / 278 works

Service/Access roads/278 works can cause multiple issues for landlords and owners. Normally a shared responsibility amongst tenants, regular maintenance costs are divided and disputes arise. The solution is to minimise maintenance for owners, landlords and tenants.

Whilst patch repairing is obviously economical for repairing access roads, it is also a very short term fix. Removing the existing top coat surfacing and installing a durable layer of asphalt surfacing will provide the most economical solution in the longer term and minimise the need for multiple returns to site and disruption.

Spadeoak will deliver, often without the need to employ architects or consultants. Our in house designers will prepare a scheme for your approval from detailed ground survey to “as built” drawings.

Spadeoak capabilities include:
• Site preparation
• Groundworks
• Foundations
• Drainage systems
• Concrete works
• Hard landscaping
• Fencing
• Surfacing – Asphalt, Resin + Other materials
• Line Marking
• Lighting
• External seating and street furniture
• + Other associated packages

A national specialist supply chain to ensure quality

With strong relationships with our existing supply chain Spadeoak can offer a full range of materials for you to select your preferred finishes, tailored to meet your budget, from kerbing and asphalt to lighting and fencing.

All our standard materials meet the requirements of European Standards EN13108-1 and British Standards BS 59487. Some specialist materials are developed in house by our experts at Aggregate Industries and our global parent company Lafarge Holcim to give you, the customer complete confidence in the supply chain.

A team of experts

We resource our contracts with fully trained and certified in house labour and plant, meeting the highest expectations and standards of the industry. We employ our own health and safety management to monitor and advise on Health, Safety and Environmental issues whilst all levels of management are responsible for the health , safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and members of the public on our sites.

Our friendly and approachable contracts staff will be on site to supervise all stages of the contract, from initial site clearance to lining, lighting and security barriers.  We will deliver the customer the full package in a timely, efficient manner, on time and within budget.

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