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Our highly experienced team have over 20 years of experience working with resin bonded systems. Resin offers a stylish and practical ways to completely transform any surface.

Resin bonded surfacing offers exceptional anti-slip properties whilst keeping a stylish and natural look that is virtually maintenance-free. This surfacing is a popular choice for areas of high pedestrian traffic such as access ramps, car parks and pathways, and is available in a variety of natural colours.

The surface consists of a thin layer of resin applied to the surface and then the aggregate scattered on top which can give the appearance of a traditional gravel drive.

It requires at least one layer of suitable asphalt to act as a base layer and usually two layers (a binder course and surface course of Asphalt).

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Why choose resin bonded surfacing?

  • Quick installation Quick and easy to install and are ready for use shortly after installation onto a suitable sub-base. After 24 hours you’ll be able to both walk on and drive a vehicle over your new resin bonded surface.
  • Natural appearance Has a natural finish that gives the appearance of gravel whilst removing the inconvenience that dealing with loose aggregate causes. The surface also provides excellent traction, making resin bonded surfaces ideal for footpaths and vehicular traffic.
  • Low maintenance All that’s needed to keep your surface looking its best is occasional sweeping to remove any leaves and debris. Plus, the aggregate is fixed in place, so there is no need to clean up or replace any stones.
  • Cost effective Often installed on top of existing suitable asphalt or concrete, removing the need for excavation or other groundworks. This keeps costs down and allows you to transform the appearance of areas in next to no time.

Our expert team

Our friendly and approachable contracts staff will be on site to supervise all stages of the contract, from initial site clearance to lining, lighting and security barriers. We will deliver the customer the full package in a timely, efficient manner, on time and within budget.

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