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Foamix® asphalt is a mix between asphalt and Hydraulically Bound Material (HBM). Supplied and installed as a cold mix, it’s contents are up to 92% recycled material resulting in a low carbon footprint solution.

Developing green solutions like Foamix is part of our group strategy we are committed to developing innovative low carbon pavement solutions to assist in the immediate and sustained action that will lead to the desired decarbonisation of the UK’s roads network. We are changing the way we construct by deploying the latest, high quality, material solutions and technical innovations to reduce carbon year-on-year across all our operations on our journey to Net Zero carbon.

The material features and benefits include

  • Up to 92% recycled products
  • Supplied and installed cold
  • Safer to install
  • Can be stored in a location without the problems of reduction in temperature
  • Can be held on stock for up to one month
  • A single layer can replace multiple layers of base and binder


Foamix can be applied directly onto the subgrade layer (ie: Type 1) generating additional time/cost efficiencies. Manufactured Foamix can be immediately placed and compacted on site or it can be stockpiled for later use, extending working times ensuring continued supply.

IDEAL FOR: Major and minor road construction schemes. Haunch repairs Trench reinstatement Parking areas Cycle tracks Footpath Local housing estate roads

Utilising our national supply chain

Spadeoak are working with other material suppliers to bring similar products to the market, alternatively should you have a specified material for your project, Spadeoak can utilise our national supply chain to deliver and install alternative specified solutions.

Why choose Foamix

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Foamix asphalt requires less energy to manufacture than conventional asphalt, giving a lower carbon footprint. Foamix average saving over Hot Mix Asphalt across constituent parts >30% approx. Typically delivers c.45% carbon reduction to our client.


Manufactured cold, Foamix asphalt significantly reduces nuisance fuming, odour and steam on site; material burn risks are eliminated, visibility is improved and operatives benefit from improved working conditions overall.

Longer Lasting

Foamix layers are not prone to cracking as a result of ageing; it brings greater bonding properties due to the RAP % used.


Foamix is currently compliant with Specification for Highways Works Clause 948 Ex Situ Cold Recycled Bound Materials and BS 9228:2021.

Minimises disruption

Laid cold, Foamix can be trafficked immediately enabling earlier reopening of carriageways to the travelling public, resulting in less traffic disruption and reduced build cost, making the most of taxpayers money..

C.45% Carbon Reduction

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