Investing in the latest plant and technology

Placing people at the heart of our business ensures we drive a quality culture through our business, associated with quality is the plant we use on site.

Our tools and machinery are continuously reviewed and monitored ensuring a quality product from any item of machinery used. With in house inspections teams and mechanics we ensure our plant is in full working order prior and following projects, our plant if regularly upgraded to ensure we offer the latest in production and safety features.

Spadeoak has been an established name in the asphalt surfacing industry for over 40 years and continues to be recognised as one of the highest quality contractors in the UK.

A key area where we differ from most sports contractors is that the majority of each project is carried out by our own directly employed resources; we have around 120 permanent employees and an extensive fleet of plant and machinery. All reflect our dedication to quality and enable us to build on our heritage of expertise, flexibility and commitment to be the best.

We at Spadeoak believe that people work better when using their own tools, plant and machinery.