Did you know there are different types of Asphalt?

We have the right product for your project

Did you know there are different types of Asphalt? We don’t mean the simple Stone Mastic or Heavy Duty Hot Rolled and Chip but specific asphalt for particular applications.

As specialists in asphalt applications our experts can assist you with installing the most efficient product available for your applications, whether it’s a low carbon sustainable solution, a coloured asphalt, a durable single application for footpaths, SuperParking, a toughened asphalt that is hard wearing and low maintenance ideal for coping with the stresses to the surface layer of turning vehicles and high traffic volumes, SuperPrixmat or SuperSports for motor racing or MUGA courts to Super Product, an asphalt material specifically created for agricultural facilities.

Installing the most efficient product will ensure your application is the most effective for its use and provides a durable, long-life solution.

SuperParking Asphalt

Let’s look closer at SuperParking. An asphalt designed and engineered specially for use in large car park environments. Perfect for installation in supermarkets, retail parks and leisure centres SuperParking provides a tough, hardwearing and low-maintenance surface. The surface specifically meets the increasing demands of higher loading through volumes and vehicle type as well as the constant breaking and turning of vehicles around the car park and into parking bays. SuperParking is up to 4 times more resistant to the scuffing action of car wheels or indentations from breakings and static loads, and up to 35% more durable than traditional AC 6mm mixes. Not only is it more suitable for vehicles the smooth and safe finish is ideal for wheelchairs and shopping trolleys, minimising tripping hazards, bumps and loose chippings.

Additional benefits of this system include cost efficiencies, due to the features of this product it can be laid thinner than conventional materials providing financial benefits, the surface can also be applied as SuperLow asphalt for a sustainable low-carbon solution.

Be sure to contact the experts at Spadeoak to discuss your next product, are you utilising the products available specific to your application, or are you even aware of them?