Welcome to the dawn of a new era. Our strategic expansion takes us to the heart of the country.

Our aim? To be more agile, sustainable, responsive and readily available for you.

Having delivered excellence since 1976, we continue to evolve and our move to the midlands is the next step.

Kevin Murgatroyd, Managing Director at Spadeoak, said: “Being based in Buckinghamshire for the past 45 years, Spadeoak has carved out a strong name for itself across the south of England, where we consistently offer our high-quality contracting services to civils projects, an array of grassroots and professional sports venues and non-highways surfacing works.
Following consultation with clients, we have identified a real market for our services in the Midlands and the opportunity to support our clients in a closer proximity to major projects for 2023, and opening us up to more customers in the North West, North East and Wales. By opening a secondary office in Leicestershire, we are able to provide greater logistical access to these regions, and the ability to provide better cost-efficiencies, faster turnaround time, and our outstanding levels of customer service, which we’ve always  delivered across the south.

Our new localised hub also means less travel time to Midlands construction sites, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the overall projects.

We’re really looking forward to settling in at our new office and can’t wait to work on many more Midlands projects, as we continue our expansion throughout the UK.”

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