CASE STUDY – SuperSport Tennis Court

Spadeoak was the appointed contractor to complete the reconstruction of a multi-million pound investment framework to revamp 184 tennis courts across the south of England. One of those courts included this court at Bostall Gardens in London which also incorporated a splash of colour and a stylish hand painted design to the areas surrounding the courts.

Sports specialists Spadeoak were appointed by our client to complete 184 tennis court upgrades in the south of England.

The framework is to promote the use of public tennis courts across the UK by improving the facilities, making them a safe, secure and fun area for members of the public to enjoy playing tennis.
The projects require similar works across the 184 sites including this one at Bostall Gardens in Greenwich, London.

The project brief was to resurface the double tennis court, installing a new play safe and secure fence line, tennis posts and nets, colouring the surfacing for tennis, the line marking was then added with this stylish design by street art duo Low Bros.

The courts were excavated to a depth of 365mm installing fresh geo-textile membrane and 300mm of type 3 base course, a 40mm porous binder course was installed before a final 25mm SuperSport surface course was laid to complete the resurfacing layers.

SuperSport is an asphalt product from Aggregate Industries designed to meet the specific requirements and offer a range of benefits for tennis courts. SuperSport is also free-draining, ensuring no standing water remains on the surface, allowing play shortly after heavy rainfall, the finished surface can be coloured and the playing areas marked up in a range of colours.

SuperSport is fully compliant with requirements of Lawn Tennis Association and SAPCA.

To provide a sustainable solution for the local authority the SuperSport material was installed as a warm mix asphalt, reducing the carbon elements of the product compared to conventional materials.
A new 3m high fence line was installed surrounding the courts, with a secure, coded gate for access.
The project was completed in just over 3 working weeks and handed back to a very happy client.

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