CASE STUDY – SEGRO Park Warehouse estate project

Spadeoak were privileged to be the selected contractor to complete a large surfacing and civils project at SEGRO Park in Canning Town, London.

Spadeoak were tasked with completing the demolition and installation of a new gatehouse, paving and surfacing works, signage & line marking, the installation of street furniture, eco-friendly bike shelters and flower wall, electrical works for CCTV units, and electric points. An entranceway redesign, pedestrian footpaths, speed deterrents and safety bollards were all part of the project specification to improve site safety.

SEGRO Park Canning Town is an urban warehouse estate providing 228,195m² of warehouse space across 10 units with associated parking and footpath. Located close to Canary Wharf the secure estate is manned by a 24-hour security gatehouse.

At the entrance to SEGRO Park is a 24-hour manned gatehouse, Spadeoak completed the upgrade of this gatehouse incorporating a new island complete with kerbs, resurfacing and utility chambers. This project incorporated the installation of, drainage pipes, electric supply, BT telephone lines and barriers with intercom before the new 32m² timber and stainless-steel cladding unit was installed complete with a ‘Green’ grass roofing system and integrated Solar Panels.

Entrance and Living Wall
To improve traffic flow and safety Spadeoak widened the entrance to the site, providing parking bays and electric charging points; however, in order to gain space for the widening of this area – a grassed embankment had to be cut back. To compensate for the removal of the green space, a ‘living wall’ was created from interlocking stacked ‘grow bags’ and planted with grass & flower seed.

Bike shelters
New paved areas were built around the site and green bike shelters were installed, these shelters were made from wood with bird boxes and insect houses accompanying the green grassed roof.

Specialists in surfacing, Spadeoak phased our works to minimise disruption on site for the existing unit holders, phased between weeks 2-11 and incorporating out-of-hours surfacing Spadeoak completed circa 13,000m² of SuperLow asphalt, a low emissions material, to the carriageway and footpaths.

Carbon Savings
Utilising SuperLow Spadeoak was able to save over 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions on this project, this is the equivalent of planting 440 trees. The overall recycled content of this project was 11% above conventional material.
Surfacing over 2,500m² of footpaths Spadeoak also installed over 855m of pre-cast concrete kerbing, installing 6 new manhole covers across the site.

Pedestrian areas
As part of the brief, the renewal of the aged concrete paved walkways around the site was required, to remove potential trip hazards with new flexible asphalt surface.

There was also a requirement to link the new walkways with new ramp detailing for safer site wide accessibility and mobility for all users, along with the installation of tactile paving and Belisha Beacons at crossings.
Services (CCTV, ANPR Cameras, EV charging Enabling Works)

Over 1,100m of trenching with 2 x100mm diameter duct sleeves were installed throughout the estate, inclusive of the supply and feed of new power cabling, electrical cabinets, to supply 11 new CCTV locations, 2 ANPR cameras and 5 duel port EV charging stations. In addition to support the electrification, works involved the construction of concrete column foundations for the CCTV posts, and concrete base plinths for electrical cabinets and EV charging stations.

Signage and Line Marking
To complete the site Spadeoak installed line marking and signage to all areas including parking bays, pedestrian crossings, 167m of green pedestrian footpaths, directional arrows, speed limit signs, traffic calming signage and parking and loading and pedestrian warning information.

Spadeoak designed and installed a 45m Red SEGRO resin logo into the seating area at the back of the site.

Our biggest challenges was the onsite customer engagement, ensuring we liased with the stakeholders to inform them of our programme and planned works.

Liaising with the 10 occupants around site was paramount, especially when surfacing to maintain access requirements. This was of paramount importance to SEGRO who are a customer focused organisation.

The correspondence with UKPN was critical in regard to new service installations along with existing onsite infrastructure.

Oliver Werby – Associate at SEGRO said
“For SEGRO H&S on our estates is imperative. Spadeoak delivered the works at Canning Town not only to a high standard, but also whilst maintaining strong and well managed H&S practices.”

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