CASE STUDY – Commercial Industrial Park

Surfacing specialists Spadeoak was appointed by our client to complete the surfacing installation at SEGRO Park in Coventry, surfacing the car park and Bellmouth entrance areas.

Experts in the industrial and commercial sectors Spadeoak was trusted by our client on this high profile site to install base, binder and surface course to the car park and entrance areas measuring circa 3,000m².

SEGRO Park Coventry is a class-leading example of sustainable development. A newly created 450-acres of industrial and logistics space development on the edge of Coventry Airport, formerly comprising five licenced and unlicensed landfills, a wastewater treatment plant and a WW2 airbase.

Due to the weight of the traffic that will be using the site, Spadeoak installed a 150mm base course to the Bellmouth area, totalling a depth of 270mm in these areas and 160mm in the car parking area.

Three asphalt materials were used in the build up of the roadway and car parks which were an AC32 dense base course, an AC20 dense binder course and a 10mm SMA surface course.

Spadeoak was also delighted to support our client with installing a sustainable solution for this project reducing the carbon on site compared to conventional material. With over 1,100 tonnes of asphalt laid on site we were able to create a saving of over 6,000kgco2e of carbon, the equivalent to planting over 270 trees.

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