CASE STUDY – Surfacing at Shell / Waitrose Salisbury

Specialists in surfacing, Spadeoak was selected by our client to complete asphalt surfacing to a new fuelling station and supermarket in Salisbury.

The fuelling station will be a Shell fuelling station with a Waitrose supermarket on site, Spadeoak was appointed to carry our hand-lay installation to circa 750m² of base, binder and surface course.

Spadeoak was appointed by our client to carry out further works to Waitrose supermarkets and Shell petrol stations, this follows the successful completion of over 25 projects for the supermarket giant.
One of very few fuelling stations on the A36, the new site will provide further jobs to the local community and a 12 pump fuelling station.

The surfacing element of this project was completed at the very end of the building process, Spadeoak worked with other contractors on site to ensure minimal disruption to the build programme yet an efficient and quality surfacing solution was installed.

Spadeoak was tasked with the hand-lay of 150mm thick base course, using a AC32mm material to a 433m² area, accompanied by a 60mm thickness of binder course with a AC20mm material, the surfacing layers were completed with a 40mm thickness of SMA surface course to the 767m² forecourt.
Utilising our expertise Spadeoak was able to work with the client to offer a sustainable and lower carbon solution to that of conventional material, by utilising this material Spadeoak was able to save our client 1,824kg of carbon, the equivalent of planting over 75 trees.

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