As part of Spadeoak commitment to offer our clients the latest innovations and low carbon solutions we have integrated with our partners at OCL to provide market-leading recycled, sustainable building materials & sustainable construction solutions for the UK.

OCL Regeneration Ltd use specialist techniques combined with innovative recycled material to provide sustainable, high quality and environmentally friendly construction and building materials.

OCL Products include


A cold-lay surfacing materials utilising 94% recycled aggregates bound with bitumen that is foamed and other hydraulic binders. It utilises 5% of the energy compared to the amount used in the manufacturing of traditional asphalt.

OCL Regeneration Ltd produces two core Foambase products that replace traditional base and binder courses.


  • An approved like-for-like replacement for traditional asphalt
  • Less dense material so more for your money
  • Can be used with different types of aggregates especially recycled aggregates
  • Has an increased shelf life
  • Reduces wastage + the cost of transportation
  • Has less of an impact on the environment
  • Offers 50% Carbon Savings versus traditional methods

Recycled Aggregates

Recycled aggregate as a sustainable material provides strength and consistency to a structure. It is a sought-after material because it’s environmentally friendly. Recycled aggregate can easily be transported, placed, and compacted according to its intended use, it also reduces the need for virgin aggregate or other materials because of its significant properties.

The use of recycled aggregate reduces the amount of CO2 associated with the project, making the environment healthier and cleaner, these aggregates includes:

  • MOT Type 1
  • 6N, 6F1 and 6F2
  • Single Sizes
  • Ballast
  • Sands
  • Pipe Bedding
  • Drainage Material
  • Fill Material
  • Plus, our feedstock for Foambase®, HBM, SMR Regen

Roller Compact Concrete (RCC)

Roller Compacted Concrete is a zero-slump concrete that is placed with asphalt pavers and compacted by vibratory rollers.


  • Benefits
  • Zero slump
  • Requires no formwork/joints/finishing
  • No Reinforcement
  • High outputs
  • Uses asphalt paving equipment – pavers/rollers
  • Fast Construction
  • Low initial cost
  • Early trafficking
  • Heavy load capabilities
  • Resistance to rutting
  • Low maintenance